Dogs and the Use of Collars

Considered man’s best friend, dogs have been causing mischief by our sides for the past 12,500 to 15,000 years. For most of those years, dogs have lived by our sides from the heart of Asia, to the Roman Empire, travelled across oceans and land bridges to Australia and the Americas, and even fought by our sides. In both modern and ancient days, one of the activities people enjoy the most with their dogs is walking. While some let their dogs explore the vast reaches of the unknown off leash, some people, especially in cities and near busy roads, use no choke collars, choke collars, or harnesses.

While sometimes needed for large, hyperactive, or aggressive dogs, choke collars, both metal and nylon, can be dangerous for little dogs such as yorikis, dachshunds, puppies, and even large dogs, and in some cases, have proven fatal. For adults and children who do not know the proper use a choke collar, a harness or no choke dog collar should be used so to not cause harm to your dog. In playtime, choking collars should always be removed so your dog does not injure itself while rolling through the grass or sniffing everything his or her nose can find.

For those who thinking they still need a choke collar for their dog, or they cannot afford a no choke collar or harness, there are multiple resources online or in bookstores to help you use them correctly. Remember, to always put the chain through the ‘O’ rings and make sure they meet at the end, hold the collar until it makes a ‘P’, and slip the collar around your dog’s head through the open section. Even after you master the use of using choke collars, remember to always take it off and use a no choke collar or a harness when your dog is at play.

While also not dangerous, a no choke collar is more comfortable for dogs and if trained properly, there may be no need for a choke collar. They also give a better flair and look to your dog than the typical metal choke collars. If a choke collar is needed, make sure it is properly secured and ask yourself if it truly is the best option. While this has been mentioned above, please, make sure to always remove a choke collar while your dog plays, or use a less dangerous option.

Outside of that, make sure you are having fun with your dog and enjoying the short time he or she has with us humans. Dog live all over the world and are one of the, if not the most, popular pets out there. With all the joy dogs bring to us, and the good they have done for the world, why not make their walks a little more enjoyable? Now throw a ball or a stick and let your little pooch run as he or she enjoys the latest of the several thousand-year journey they’ve had amongst us.


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