Matt Davies Harmony Communities Discuss Benefits of Adopting a Shelter Pet


According to Matt Davies Harmony Communities, you can research a lot about different pedigree dogs or exotic cats and pay thousands of dollars for buying one from a reputable pet store. Or you can visit the local shelter and save a life. Let’s check out the other benefits of adopting a shelter dog.

The Discussion

  1. You don’t just save one life – When you adopt a shelter pet, you may think that you’re saving just one animal. However, you’re doing better than you may know. Adopting a shelter pet also lets you save your own life in many ways. You’ll be happier with a furry companion who will shower you with love and add more value to your life.

It’s also good for your mental health. Studies show that pets have positive effects on your mood and mental state. You’re more likely to feel relaxed, in less pain, and less lonely if you’re suffering from depression or other mental health issues. Apart from that, adopting a shelter pet makes room for the shelter to accept another rescue and find it a forever home. So, you’ll be saving at least three lives when you adopt a shelter dog.

  1. Unconditional love – Shelter animals end up in those places due to unfortunate circumstances. If you adopt them, provide them with a safe living environment and show them enough love and care, they will reciprocate several times over with unconditional love. Once you let them into your heart, they become permanent tenants.
  2. You get to stay active – Let’s leave those mushy feelings aside and look at it from a very practical angle. If you’re looking for a furry friend that accompanies you, compels you to go on walks, and keeps you active. If you don’t want to empty out your bank account, a shelter pet is your best option. Getting a rescue from a high-volume government-run shelter would barely cost you $100. The money you save can be used for vaccination, medication, registration, bedding, and other things necessary for the dog.
  3. You fight back against cruel breeding practices – Even the best pups at your local pet store are the result of cruel breeding facilities where animals are confined to small and dirty places and barely receive any veterinary care. When you adopt from a local shelter, you give back to the community while taking away business from cruel breeders.
  4. More social interactions – You aren’t the online one who adores animals. Most humans are the same. When you go out with your shelter pet, you’ll have the opportunity to make more friends. Just going to the park or a pet-friendly cafe would allow you to meet other pet parents and people who are excited to just pet your dog or cat.


Matt Davies Harmony Communities suggests that you adopt a shelter dog instead of buying one from the pet store. There are millions of people who pay good money for taking away pets from pet stores and reputed breeders. However, a much smaller fraction adopts one from the shelter. Take things into your own hands and be a part of the change.

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