Help Your Pet Live Longer and Happier with Preventative Care

Pets are the ultimate companion. Big or small, bald or furry, animals hold a very special place in the lives of many. They are more than just a pet they are a family member. You want your cat or dog to live a long healthy, happy life and to do they need regular veterinary care.

Don’t Skip Their Shots

It is easy to say that your pet looks and acts healthy then question why they might need suggested shots. The truth is that these vaccinations prevent the animal from getting many very serious and life-threatening illnesses. These shots help the pet build up antibodies to prevent serious diseases. It has often been said that a little prevention goes a long way.

Annual Checkups Catch Problems Early

Almost every single veterinarian visit you will hear that your furry friend is in excellent health and to keep up the good work. Unfortunately, there are often times that during a regular checkup the doctor will identify a potential problem. Do not worry, it is best to catch and address issues early rather than waiting until symptoms present themselves. Annual checkups are essential to maintaining good health.

Dental Hygiene is Important Too

Teeth are such an important part of an animal’s life. They are used to eat, chew on toys, and even smile. Tooth decay can lead to pain, stress, and infection in pets. When left untreated bacteria from dental decay can enter the bloodstream and sicken the major organs leading to much greater problems. That is why it is important not to forget dental health in your pet’s life too. A vet who specializes in animal dental care forest hill md will care for your pet’s teeth, give advice on how to properly care for them, and help with any ongoing issues.

Flea and Tick Prevention

Fleas are pesky creatures that will make your pet miserable, and probably you too. Once an animal is infested it takes a lot of work and consistency to rid the animal and the home of fleas, eggs, and larvae. Aside from the obvious annoyance fleas and ticks also carry diseases that can sicken pets and humans alike. There are different types of medication that prevent and treat both fleas and ticks. They can be in the form of a collar, topical ointment, or oral medication. Many of the available medications are given monthly, but some are for longer periods of time. Certain flea and tick repellent collars last several months for example.

Taking care of our pets is important. They require more than just food, water, and exercise. Taking care of their health through preventative measures is the best option for long-term continued well-being. Make sure to keep your pet current on their recommended shots, get an annual checkup, practice good dental hygiene, and prevent pest infestations. These simple standards are recommended by veterinary professionals worldwide. Give your pet the best chance for a long life by helping them stay healthy.

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