Down syndrome in Pugs

Like many humans, Pugs might get Diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, and even cancer as in terms of health, dogs and humans have a lot in common. But “do pugs have down syndrome“? It is still a million dollars question.

Pugs don’t have Down syndrome as humans may have, and Pugs are a brachycephalic breed. Animals with the Down syndrome tend to be short-faced and have respiratory issues for the rest of their lives. In addition, they may have issues with their eyes or their spinal cords.

The Down syndrome gene has been linked to human Down syndrome, but it hasn’t been found in dogs. Dogs with Down syndrome can be identified by their wide-set features, sluggish growth, and physical fragility. It is a difficult question to answer, and according to popular belief, animals such as humans and other primates can have clusters of genetic abnormalities that resemble Down syndrome.

According to a few veterinarians, Pugs can have Down syndrome. Assuming this is true, it would be distinct from Down syndrome, which occurs in people. A dog’s 21st pair of chromosomes doesn’t contain the same information as a human’s 21st pair, which means trisomy 21 in dogs does not cause Down syndrome.

Few health issues may mimic Down syndrome in Pugs:

Cognitive or development impairments in your dog might be the result of a variety of underlying health concerns. However, your dog might also have congenital heart or thyroid problems, pituitary dwarfism, or growth hormone insufficiency, all of which could present symptoms identical to those associated with Down syndrome.

Your dog’s health is best served by taking them to the doctor for an accurate diagnosis if they’re showing signs similar to Down syndrome.


A chromosomal issue in pugs or any other dog cannot be determined because no studies corroborate this in humans. For now, we can only say that pugs have several physical and cerebral features that are fairly close to the typical Down syndrome found in people. To know about more health issues related to different dog breeds you can visit .

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